Look. We all hate sentences that start with “I” or “We”, so we’ve started with this. We hopefully made you look though. We’re a small, dedicated team who create, design and code digital brands, products and services with our clients. The clients are mostly the companies dealing with said products or services, but we also enjoy teaming up with other agencies with great ideas.

We love building and shipping. Keywords are creativity, design focus and technical innovation execution. We’ll stop saying “we” now, and hope you’ll take a look at our projects.

You should come by and say hello ---

Wide array of services

Content strategy
Art direction
Online brand strategy
Website design and development
Digital campaign creation and execution
Product and service design

The team

We might look like a very serious bunch, but we are very friendly—we promise! Talk to us and you'll see. We're not so fond of titles, so we focus more on each team member's skill set and area of expertise. The main point is that you get the best possible digital team.

Photo of Fredrik Hæreid

Fredrik Hæreid

Concept & Content direction

| +47 970 82 280

Photo of Mathias M. Stav

Mathias M. Stav

Technology & Development

| +47 406 03 051

Photo of Henrik Wold Kraglund

Henrik Wold Kraglund


| +47 974 07 633

Photo of Petter Edna

Petter Edna

Technology & Development

| +47 952 42 410

Photo of Jens Johan Tandberg

Jens Johan Tandberg


| +47 928 92 123

Photo of Oscar Grønner

Oscar Grønner

Designer & illustrator

| +47 468 98 357

Photo of Fredrik Søgaard

Fredrik Søgaard

Direction & Production

| +47 456 15 273