Apotek 1 TV

A content driven service for Apotek 1 employees to help reach their vision of becoming number one on knowledge. Made with our very good friends at Gyro.

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Production value

Gyro built a state of the art TV studio at Apotek 1 HQ, and are producing 20+ videos a month for the knowledge hungry Apotek 1 employees.

Knowledge break?

To help busy employees quickly find time to catch up on their viewing, there's special view mode tailored for tablets (which Apotek 1 has installed all their pharmacies in Norway) where you swipe through a editorial selcted stream of videos.

Flexible modules

Apotek 1 TV's very own editorial staff edits and sets the front page with a great deal of flexibility, to better give focus on themes, subjects or special occasions. The design and layout adapts and flows from small to big screen. As it should be.