Arcus og Vingruppen

We designed and developed Norway's biggest producer of spirits and importer of wine new websites—with a clear focus on making it simple to find and buy drinks for everyone—whilst navigating the complex Norwegian restrictions on alcoholic beverages advertisment.

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Fast and easy browsing

Search as you type, real time updating when filtering and a super smooth mobile experience, helps user navigate the many types of spirits and wines.

Helpful collections

To help customers find the best matches for what to drink, we created very flexible and helpful collections—where we can give you a selection of spirits and wines for different occasions, food pairings and interesting new areas.

Drinks for everyone

We belive great wines and spirits should be accessible for everyone, so kept everything simple, fun and cosy. You don't need to be an expert to find good stuff to drink!

Distinct and similar

With both wine and spirits as important business areas, we developed two distinct sites based on the same underlaying structure—to best showcase each business area's own identity.

Showcase the brands

Arcus spirits has some of Norway's most familiar and strong brands—like Linie, Braastad and Vikingfjord—which all need to shine on their own.