Coup Agency

Coup de grâce. Co-owned by the photographers, and offering a diverse selection of best in class photographers on a mission: to take the photography industry into another level, be it stills or films. We’ve created strategy, identity, and a shiny new website for them.

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A clear identity

Coup: /ku:/. A Highly successful, unexpected stroke, act or move. That’s just what this agency is all about. Co owned by the photographers it represents, the matter at hand is changing the way agencies relates to both clients and photographers. Planning a coup seldom happens in broad daylight. The identity plays on the secretive, yet plainly visible once you know about it. The identity retains it’s visual appearance in plain written form. It’s not COUP, it’s (Coup). It’s stylized the same way it’s added to a photographers byline.


Online portfolios are kind of tricky. Crop the images to justify both the right an left side? How do you maintain a clean uncluttered focus on single images while maintaining intuitive navigation? If you really start evaluating these things, it'll mess up your head. Coup retains focus on the image and also gives the user an optional presentation mode.

A story well told

Simply showing a series of images from a given shoot doesn't do the photographer – or photography – justice. There are good stories to be told besides just showing a series of images and stating the name of the client. Coup takes aim at giving insight into all aspects of a photographers job, both pre and post. The Highlighted Stories section will be steadily updated with insight from all the photographers work.