Goldfish Boat

Responsive web based configurator for building your own Goldfish Boat. Spend time, dig deep and get building.

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Please, stay awhile

Buying your dream boat is not something you do on a whim, so we wanted the user to want to spend time tricking out their new ocean ride. Bring friends!

Nerd life

Computer nerds, sport nerds, bike nerds or boat nerds—everyone wants to see every little detail they can get their hands on. We give our boat nerds drivetrain specs, propeller construction, measurements, handling grades and plenty more to make them experts.

Tried and tested technology

Built on the backbone of, well, Backbone.js, this native web app pulls in data from a CMS and adds multiple layers of renderings to build all the different combinations of pure boat bliss.

Mobile doubts?

We strongly believe there’s nothing stopping you from requesting a 1 million dollar boat from your mobile device. (Actually, the only thing stopping you is lousy mobile user experiences.) Don’t blame us next time you buy a 38 foot Super Sport from the toilet.

Close-up magic

With hundreds of options, and only a few exhibited boats each year, the Goldfish Boat Sales Team are using this tool on iPads in the field to close more sales faster. Remind us to send them some waterproof iPad cases.

App to ocean

The configurator is just the first step for the customer, we also built a tool so the Goldfish Boat team can send beautiful offers and orders—buyers can even accept their order with one click. Boom, you’re on a boat.