Nedre Foss

Visual identity, branding and website design for Nedre Foss, a new series of products created by product designers Anderssen & Voll.

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The product designers

Nedre Foss Gård is an old farm from 1802 located east in Oslo, in an area called Gründerløkka, re-purposed and used as office buildings for several years in the past. In 2015 the owners reopened the area as a restaurant and brewery. Anderssen & Voll created a series of interior products for the occasion—now launching as a standalone brand.

The products

The Nedre Foss series of products are cast in iron, and are meant to last at least a hundred years. Based on the rich history surrounding Nedre Foss, and the thoughtful products, we developed an illustrated universe for the Nedre Foss brand.

Our role

We developed and designed the visual identity, website, illustrations, packaging and product photos. As a contrast to the historic influences, we used a modern typographic and color look. Website development by our friend Alejandro V. Rojas.