Ukas strøm #104

Feed weekly april 09, 2021

En samling av lenker vi har sett på og lest denne uken. En blanding av aktualiteter innen tech, design og relevante artikler.

Design of the week

  • Fathom about how to build the fastest Analytics tool.
  • The Suez Canal + cargo ship + Evergiven-Everywhere = FUN!
  • Tonksy about why font sizes is useless in CSS and HTML.

Tech of the week

  • Matt Perrys website, Motion.
  • Frame: The fastest, easiest, and most secure way to get footage from cameras to collaborators - anywhere in the world.
  • Sentry converted 100% of its frontend React codebase from JavaScript to TypeScript. In this blog post, they share their process, techniques, challenges, and what they learned along this journey.
  • Convert Figma designs to React code super easy!
  • Spatial lets you be in the office- without being in the office. VR/AR makes it all possible.
  • More hooks for Framer Motion for those in need.
  • NEXT's newest updates.