Weekly Feed #118

Feed weekly august 13, 2021

Back from the summer, with a nice little collection of links we've found useful and informative. A good mixture of current affairs regarding tech, design, and relevant articles.

Reading list

Design of the week

  • Twitter probably has a bunch of designers. Probably dozens, if not hundreds. That may sound cuckoo, since it’s hard to pinpoint any noticable change to their design over the years. But, rest assured, there’s been a lot of change. Here’s a deep look at a few recent design changes.

Tech of the week

  • Reform.app is another no-code product, making setting up forms a breeze.
  • liveblocks.io is a service providing the needed infrastructure to create collaborative solutions. Interresting, but also raises a bunch of questions. Check out Next.js Conf_ for a nice example where such a layer is added. You’ll be able to see all visitors’ mouse cursors live.
  • A pretty interesting widget we would imagine quite a few businesses gaining a lot from. CommandBar is a quick setup search bar of sorts, but with superpowers. It gives users onboarding budgets, quick actions and powerful search.
  • Last but not least, allow yourself to be educated by a designer and a developer working in harmony while explaining the basics of Javascript.