Weekly Feed #119

Feed weekly august 20, 2021

A collection of links we've found useful and informative. A good mixture of current affairs regarding tech, design, and relevant articles. Oh and hey! We know for a fact that we have a recurring audience of at least one person. Hi Petter.

Reading list

  • There’s an ongoing semiconductor shortage. This guy Sam Zeloof, however, is building his own integrated circuits and beating the industry on Moores Law in the process.
  • James Long does interresting things. Now he’s conceptualizing the future of SQL on the web. Check out Absurd-SQL like we did, and learn something new about the web, like we did.

Design of the week

We keep barking up the variable tree, peeing at its root in an effort to make it grow even taller. Monotype just released Helvetica as a variable type and we simply can't contain ourselves.

Spline out with a new relase of their 3D animation tool. Looks great.

Tech of the week

A homegrown and super handy, quick and easy way to start prototyping. Check out Vanilla Starter, courtesy of our own devs.

1Password is a mainstay here at the office, and the way we share credentials internally at Feed. But the latest release, 8.0, has been completely rewritten and it’s causing some internet grief. It also looks like they’re going an enterprisey way. This blog post attempts to explain it all to calm the seas a bit.

We’re certainly on the fence on this one, but perhaps people want to sit around with VR headsets all day long and talk to avatars of their co-workers. If so, might be time to reopen that facebook account and buy into Oculus.