Feed Weekly #141

Feed weekly February 04, 2022

This week, we've read about a massive crypto bank robbery you probably didn't know about, tidbits of joy from GitHub, UX insights on the headaches of building contextual menus and we’ve encountered even more proof on why Zuckerbergs’ Metaverse will look awful. We've also discussed the lack of vocabulary around beauty and aesthetics in design today and how it affects what is being created. This is the past weeks links we found particularly useful and informative. A good mix of current affairs regarding tech, design, and relevant articles.

Reading list

  1. Virtual bank robbery! How... criminal is that!
  2. Challenge: how is this relevant to anything we’re on about? Surely, there must be something there, it’s just not apparent to this copywriter. Seems to be a story about bulding your own IRL house. And what happens when a UI designers at Slack goes full home office.
  3. This, on the other hand. Jim Nielsen is taking and interresting half way look at where the web is going in another 14 years. He’s insipired by an article written 14 years ago, asking what the World Wide Web looks like in 2036. Fascinating!

Design of the week

  1. Contextual menus are an inevitable chunk of everyone’s digital lives, and we don’t pay much attention to them. We expect them to work, and they’ve been around 4 ever, so how hard can it be? This article from Height explains what makes a good contextual menu.
  2. On the subject of details, how about a proper Figma plugin for beautiful shadows?
  3. A beautiful and functional menu at the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts
  4. Two articles about why beauty and esthetics are challenging aspects to defend in our modern society — where great design often is defined by how user-friendly and efficient it is. Art historian Ragnhild Brochmann for Morgenbladet and Stein Haugen at Heydays both give us context and insights on the subject.
  5. In the Silicon Valley prestigious bad taste contest,@rsa points out the fact that humanity somehow has been able to invest billions in a project lead by one of the top contenders.

Tech of the week

  • GitHub offers sponsors-only depositories. What does Asko, Skyr, Yt, Dæhlie sports wear and the Olympics have to do with this, you ask. Nothing at all. GitHub Sponsors is a way for you to get paid for your stuff, simply put. I think.
  • GitHub brings wonderful presents, and here’s a useful tiny little drawing app, quite literally.
  • Wouldn’t in a million years leave you without an update on NFT’s, which we’ll pronounce “neft” from now on. Here’s Ye speaking very loudly about his stance on anything non physical. Jeez Yeez.

Thanks for tuning in yet another week, Petter!