Feed Weekly #142

Feed weekly February 14, 2022

Last weeks links, today. Here's a short and sweet collection of links we found useful and interesting — from unsolved mathematical problems to scaled emojis and a transcribed lecture that explains in depth the core components that make up “web3”.

Reading list

  • The moving sofa problem is an unsolved mathematical problem. What’s the biggest possible sofa that can go around an L-shaped corner? No brain in the world is able to solve this.
  • What goes into a filmmaking process over at Disney? It’s pretty interresting how a creative work happens at this enormous scale.

Design of the week

  • Lab La Bla is looking smashing, and provides an interesting take on a column site with menus that actually translates well to mobile.
  • In what must have been a frustrating period in his life, @javierbyte took time to sort emojis to scale.
  • Good News is a community for designers, closed to the public. But the scrambled messages look great though, so it’s worth a look for everyone.
  • Starter is this weeks contestant for providing everyone with more idle time. Starter promises to be the fastest way to mock up landing pages in Figma. It’s alo massive. We haven’t found the ideal tool for wire framing quite yet, but this looks promising.

Tech of the week

  • @addyosmani, a developer at Google, points out this nifty way to get native-like sharing quickly through Web Share API.
  • A transcribed presentation that explain the core components that make up “web3”. It’s interesting how this site is so web1 at the same time as providing some real substantial insights to the topic of what’s next.
  • Hoodeck is an awesome way to manage webhooks. Webhooks introduces many, many things that can go wrong when building a digital service. But, now you can develop, test and monitor them from one single place.

Thank you, and do come again.