Feed Weekly #144

Feed weekly February 25, 2022

We haven’t collected very many links this week. Our eyes have been fixed on Ukraine, and the atrocities taking place there. Our hearts are with the people fighting and fleeing violence there right now.

Reading list

  • Learn a bit about the sovereign, democratic NOT RUSSIAN country under attack.

Design of the week

  • Coinbase Superbowl commercial — Great use of old DVD screen saver.
    Way to use $14 million on a commercial slot.
  • Bragging about not using an agency to help come up with the 14 million dollar great idea while using multiple agencies to actually come up with the 14 million dollar great idea.
  • New Street fighter filter logo is lame… Less is sometimes just less.
  • New Model's logo is controlled by relatively random data input… like year to date dolphin sightings.

Tech of the week

  • Fluid font sizes controlled by “Clamp” set up with tailwind is fantastic. LESS code = Good code