Feed Weekly #158

Feed weekly June 10, 2022

Summer is creeping closer, and so is our plan to take over the world with this Weekly. There are literally dozens of readers, so Petter and Mr. W. will soon have to generate their own talking points around the lunch table. Here are this weeks collection of links and articles that we found useful and interesting!

Reading list

Design of the week

  • Capsule, a publication out of Kaleidoscope, recently hit the web with a beautiful site and overall delicious reference throwback. We also had voices saying they absolutely hate it, so make up your own mind.
  • A petition worth signing. Only 599 to go. The Czech Brno Biennal har been an important meeting place for the art and design world. The Moravian Gallery has decided to close it down, and some people are asking for signatures to make them change their mind. Dear followers, let's make it 597. We can do it.
  • Some trickery to create extra spacing out of thin air in tight list.
  • SuperFriendly, asking $349 is donating this pdf workbook that describes how to create a design system in 90 days.
  • This is brilliant. Here's a guy using Dall-e to dream up sneakers.
  • Another absolutely brilliant use of Dall-e. Here's some newlyweds who never got around to go on a honeymoon, yet have the pictures to prove they did. They're on an imaginary trip to Svalbard.
  • Apple's annual developers conference is done and dusted. One thing certainly worth reading up on is their updated Human Interface Guidelines. This usually paves the way of the mainstream.

Tech of the week

  • Grainy Gradients are here to texturise the sleek world of CSS.
  • IE11 is about to die. Here's a countdown to when.
  • Here's our very own monorepo containing Headless Craft and Remix, courtesy of or dev Ole.
  • Ultrasonic payments is one of those rare innovations that utilizes ubiquitous technology in a new way. Aching to how old Palms and Nokias used infrared to transfer data, ultrasonic turns to inaudible sound for handshakes and transfer data. The idea is that one device generate audio outside of the spectrum of a human ear, and the mic on the other end picks it up. There's a lot more going on here, so do have a read, courtesy of Charlie Gerard at Stripe.
  • So Apple has invested in it's own SoC, with more computing power than anything else in the world. The A15 Bionic contains 15 billion transistors, has a dedicated 16-core neural network capable of 15.8 trillion operations per second, running at 3.23 GHz and built on 5 nm node technology. All this power in the sweaty palm of your hand. As of iOS 16, your finger will be able to do the following: Find cute picture of cat, tap it, and magically cut it out of its surroundings to drag-and-drop it into a message. This is a perfect example of what it takes to get people excited about technology.
  • «Ventura» «Yes Satan?»
  • On a more serious note though. Safari and WebKit is absolutely everywhere, regardless of what team you play for. Here's what's new.