Feed Weekly #160 and #161

Feed weekly July 01, 2022

Internal weekly the morning after summer party is overly hyped. A week later, we’re still sifting through the last pile of links this season. We’ve added last weeks links as well, supposing you have nothing else to to all summer Petter. Also, it's the last day before most of us go on summer holiday! You're forgiven to think we'd keep the links simple and entertaining, sending us odd to breezy beaches, but no. This is hard core man.

Reading list

Earlier this month, Figma experienced it’s most severe and longest period of instability, scaring the heck out of every designer world wide. Here’s a long read on what happened behind the scenes.

Perhaps we can tickle you with a link to an insightful read about the wave of green hotels, the greenwashing involved, and how to solve it? Hint, tech plays are role.

Oh boy. This is going to be a tough week. Can't even and Data Flow in Remix. Wrap your head around it, this designer can't. But it apparently solves a missing part of a Reach workflow, and some of us are excited about it.

Come on. Why do you want to hurt me. How about understanding why and how companies are using RFCs in their workflows.

Valuable for any developer in any way working collaboratively. Here's how to write better commits and thus build better projects.

Design of the week

  • Oh here’s some good news. Feeling the effects of the summerparty, our designers are giving DALL-E a thousand-yard stare. Maybe, just maybe, it'll pass a slightly intoxicated Turing test after all.
  • Meanwhile, others turn to actual code to make their visuals pop.
  • B&B's new site is picking up on the app vibe we've been seeing lately. It looks good, and also gives a dynamic feeling. Like it's about to change. Cool.
  • Old meets new in this fresh experiment from Stray.
  • The Figma ecosystem keeps giving us blissful moments of appreciation. Their widgets are growing in number and usefulness every day. Check out this collaborative interactive tool.
  • A history lesson that should turn you on to AI even if you're a designer.

Tech of the week

See you in august!