Feed Weekly #162

Feed weekly August 05, 2022

Ciao! Hola! Hællæ! Hope everyone's had a nice holiday, wherever you've been. Here's a collection of things we found useful and/or interesting the first week back at work.

Reading list

  • Our friends at Woolman share a glimpse at the future of e-commerce.
  • Here's a nicely made piece from Liveblocks that might also help explain some of the work that goes into making something work online. If you've used a tool where you see someone else's mouse cursor move around real time, you'll be glad to know it involves animations and quite some trickery.
  • And you just shelved the book on design sprints in the "read twice, fully fluent" isle of your awareness library. Thing is, sprints are getting more and more heat. As with everything revolving around creativity: the better the initial idea – the sooner it will be replaced with an even better one. Sometimes, bad ideas tend to stick longer, because no one understands them. So where on this scale would you place design sprints? Here's the VP of Product at Safesite sharing some thoughts.
  • Some Tailwind critique. All these classes thrown at HTML elements can get quite messy. True dat.

Design of the week (aka DALL•E 2 of the week)

Tech of the week

  • A main stay since forever, Regex - regular expressions - used to fill in the non legible parts of commands in search queries and text in general, now has a plain English translator, courtesy of AutoRegex.
  • Ah, the simpler days of AR implementations are making a sweet revisit in the age of Dall-e confusion. How about a reset button to make your apt a blank canvas, ready to be stylised by whomever ventures into a Shopify store. Using Apple's native RoomPlan API, here's a sweet case study worth reading.
  • Patterns.dev here to save your day and get started on the right foot when building JavaScript and React webapps.
  • Our section of things that'll make you work even more efficiently, to the point where you're redundant all together has been missing some entries as of late (Dall-e stole the show). But hold on, here's Quick Field from Spicy Web to help you work with fields in Craft.