Feed Weekly #165

Feed weekly August 26, 2022

While some kick off their weeks on Mondays, we like to kick it down a notch on Fridays and take a dive into links of things we found useful and/or interesting.

Reading list

  • Unless your site is less than 14kB in size, you're not getting anywhere fast. Here's why, courtesy of endgames.dev.
  • We've all gone through dozens of iterations of ways-of-working frameworks, praising them and rarely had them completely settled in real life. The trend nowadays is to throw them out the window and use all that accumulated knowledge to adapt to real life instead. Here's how Planetscale does it.

Design of the week

  1. This is where AI art is at this week. It's getting ridiculous people, and it can be plugged straight into Figma. Ando uses the text-to-image model Stable Diffusion.
  2. Onwards to DALL-E. Just direct your browser to openart.ai and rest your eyes on AI generated artwork all over the place, please. Of note, the posts include the written instruction that spawned the images.
  3. Re:collection is a comprehensive archive of influential Australian graphic design from the 60s to the '90s. Artwork from this neo vintage pre internet period is in real risk of being lost forever. We hope more countries follow suit. Kudos to Dominic Hofstede and Monash University.
  4. Have yourselves 51 minutes of enlightenment on what graphic design really is, courtesy of Jack Self.
  5. So a long running theme on this weekly is all the tools that promises to make things easier and shave off time from our processes. We're soon at a point where we're gaining time, and now @figmadesign prototyping is getting so ridiculously good and advanced we're still scratching our heads. So yeah, we're spending all this saved time scratching our heads.

Tech of the week

  • Is the Touring test even a qualified test? Someone asked an AI that very question and got a thorough and insightful reply.
  • Swiper.js is a library we often use to create carousels, sliders and whatnot. Swiper Studio is shaving off even more time from that work, with an visual workflow that can be shared with developers for implementation.
  • Stable Diffusion is a more open source variant of DALL-E, plain and simple. Check it out.

Thanks! See you next week!