Feed Weekly #166

Feed weekly September 02, 2022

It smells like autumn outside. On the menu this first week of September: Nike teaser, AI artworks winning prices, an interview with our own Mathias Stav, and the epic quest to optimise customer experience. Happy reading!

Reading list

In the quest of optimising customer experience, are we making it worse? Article in Norwegian.

Design of the week

  • "Hey, spend some time making something nice for people to look at while they wait". Rarely a plausible idea in the commercial agenda, but Nike just can't be bothered with this type of nonsense. Feast your eyes on a logo that you want to spend time on.
  • This is just funny, and it won't be the first time it happens. An AI generated artwork won first price at a state fair.
  • But let's not forget about drawing tools in general, AI or not. Here's one man lacking manual drawing skills and his journey to making something quite good.
  • D.I.Y. sewing kit, complete with instructions and fabric, from Slamjam. With a fresh looking jacket and a super cool website to boot, this train is making hay. An idiom that makes very little sense, but it sounded good. How can a train even make hay. Drop us a line if you're from the midwest and can mansplain it. Either way, need a D.I.Y. sewing machine kit asap.

Tech of the week

  • You waste time installing and setting things up, just to get the systems going. Begin is a yet another new web framework that does away with that. Read on!
  • Our resident tech agnostic, Mathias fell victim to clickbait journalism this week. Jokes aside, we're super proud of things like this, and won't let this weekly pass without sending you to the piece at kode24.no profiling Mathias, coder of the week!
  • The cloud application platform Heroku, which enables developers to build, run, and operate applications in the cloud, has announced its next steps for the company. Among them, an interactive product roadmap for Heroku on GitHub that we'll look forward to!
  • And finally, a tweet thread on how WP-Optimize is allegedly preventing to select JavaScript files from loading when users test their sites through popular performance testing tools. Shocking news for WP users! Gijo Varghese, the developer behind this thread, calls himself a “web performance enthusiast”. Nice title.