Feed Weekly #167

Feed weekly September 09, 2022

It's Friday! It's weekly time. Here's our links to articles and websites that we found useful and interesting. And no, they do not talk about the longest serving British Monarch.

Reading list

Design of the week

  • Heard of "stratigraphy"? A technique that involves overlayers, as well as random and planned interventions on large scale poster and screen prints? We love the way this French duo presents this visual language and bring forth today's ephemeral nature of posters.
  • If you've been wondering why there isn't a website that offers 3D tattooed body parts presented in a landscape in which you can move around with music in the background, you should visit Peeledmaps. Mixing interactivity and playfulness, it will transform your "but why?!" to "OK cool".
  • And if you're left wondering (like us) who the *** are the people behind Peeledmaps, look no further: ungroup is a Berlin-based studio that have a lot of other cool projects up their sleeve.
  • Artist? Dreamer? Adventurer? Check out your creative type here. The perfect way to proactively procrastinate.
  • Flim is an image search engine that we think is worth checking out. Their databases will leave you speechless.
  • And on the topic of visual search engines, check out Same Energy too!

Tech of the week

  • Vizy takes your Craft CMS to the next level, offering a more UX friendly visual editor field.
  • The web defies logic: a 15KB website is not slower than a 14KB website. In this thread you'll learn why.
  • Replit's recent blog post announces their new AI Mode, a multilayer programmer that completes your code in realtime. But instead of collaborating with another person (Multiplayer mode), you collaborate with an AI agent sitting on much, much more programming language.
  • Github's open source Calendly alternative you've all been waiting for.
  • Here are the latest improvements in Next.js.
  • And another hot tip from Next.js: create Route Groups to organise routes without affecting the URL structure and opt a segment out of a layout. You're welcome!