Feed Weekly #168

Feed weekly September 16, 2022

Here's a bunch of links to things we found useful and/or interesting this week. Should be at least one link for each of our happy readers.

Reading list

  • Following up on our long running theme of things that will eventually make work redundant, here's GitHub Copilot, the AI powered development tool getting a lot of love shares some stats on how efficient it is.
  • Dynamic Island, Apple's shoutout to the island bros, is making its round. Everyone can hear face palms from the R&D hallways of every pill-pushing phone maker out there. It may be one of those "why didn't we think of that" moments, but it also may be the start of a larger roadmap for Apples overall XR direction. Proof of Concept explains it better. Pro tip, read this journal backwards and just click the links. Here's what you're looking for.
  • Patagonia has heart, it's been proven and discussed many times over. Read this piece from NYT on how its founder no longer can count himself as a billionaire. He's given the whole circus over to an organisation that seriously wants to make the world a better place. Kudos.

Design of the week

  • The internet is running amok over the news that Adobe is purchasing Figma. Pretty sure blood has been spilled somewhere. We're pretending not to care, but we do. There's so much Adobe could potentially mess up.
  • On a mission to save the government a lot of toner budget, Forskningsrådet is rebranding and sending 38 sub brands to the shredder. It's also causing the old debate on government spending, and some are also trying to gather what's up with this two year old rebrand.
  • Material.io is out with COLRv1, introducing colour palettes, gradients and more goodness
  • Our friends over et Lineto have been working on a revival, or rather a modern variable-type extension of an old poster font by Emil Ruder. Nice background article on the project here. Oh, and our buddy Arve Båtevik had a hand in it too!!

Tech of the week