Feed Weekly #169

Feed weekly September 23, 2022

Just what the doctor ordered. We spend a lot of time staying up to date on current affairs in this crazy, crazy world. It is overwhelming. We prescribe 10 minutes each week filled with other types of input — just plain inspiration. A digestive collection of news from the design and tech world, a collection of links to things we found useful and/or interesting in the past week.

Reading list

  • A developer has a heart to heart with React.js. It's a story of complicated family affairs, a contextual sensitivity that leads to performance problems, and lipstick on a pig. Ouch.
  • More break up news. This software engineer has had it with .env files plaguing the community of JavaScript developers.
  • Frontend Masters are swiping right in their dating game involving React vs Vanilla JS. Check out their pro's and cons here, and let's hope it lasts.
  • Breaking down the typical website, and how it came to be so... typical, here's Kjernekaren explaining what to do, and not to do, when you go about creating a new web page, with his own model Kjernemodellen. It's a little sales pitchy, but we get the point and feel a little guilty. (In Norwegian)

Design of the week

Tech of the week

  • Tiny, but useful React hooks that solve every day problems. A real Swiss Army knife. Use it for good, not for evil.
  • While we wait for an even better solution coming soon from a client of ours, get some superpowers and move fast while breaking nothing in this end-to-end type safe API interface made easy.
  • Mailcoach is an email marketing platform trying to shake up the hegemony of Mailchimp. Looks promising.
  • Little brother is getting older. Here's The Follower, using open cameras and AI to find out how an Instagram photo is taken.

Hope that helped. Now, please get back to figuring out how you can use your knowledge, passion and network to make a difference. The world sure needs it.