Feed Weekly #171

Feed weekly October 07, 2022

Welcome to another mashup of links to things we found useful and/or interesting. If you can get through the first link, the rest is much more digestible. But hey, it's a journey.

Reading list

  • Here's a comprehensive explanation on the prosess of how your UI is rendered in React. A lovely TLDR to get you going this Friday morning.

Design of the week

  • A festival worth mentioning in it's own right. And we all love dynamic fonts, and the DEMO Festival in The Netherlands cranks it up to eleven on their new page.
  • A design-link straight to GitHub. How about a monospaced coding version of Helvetica? URW Design Studio could bless your terminal with the beautiful Fragment Mono.
  • Look what happens with inherited background colours. Do you think they give space to the images, or make them more cramped? Here's an example from Simone Sniekers, a creative producer and fashion editor based in Amsterdam.
  • There's something very potent, if not powerful, when strong brands spend so much effort and money on doing things right. Here's an interesting UX read on how Nike create Emotion by Design.
  • Memes are a plenty on how UX designers keep asking for user feedback. It's of vital importance to us, but just how do we define insights and how should we be writing them? Nikki Anderson has some ideas over at Dscout.
  • Giorgia Lupi works on data visualisation and is fighting for Data Humanism. Check it out.

Tech of the week

  • CSS is making strides to help out on all those floating parts of content that are moved out of the screen when resizing various ways. CSS Values and Units Level 4 introduces 16 new viewport Units to save the day. Especially useful if you validate in iOS.
  • Ask Command is a tiny AI powered app that'll remind you of commands you always forget. Just ask. Kinda takes the googling out of it. Be careful though, it's credit based.
  • Just when you thought we forgot to mention Next.js. Can you spare five minutes on Layouts RFC?