Weekly Feed #125

Feed weekly October 01, 2021

A collection of links we've found useful and informative over the last week. A good mixture of current affairs regarding tech, design, and relevant articles.

Reading List

  • For our Norwegian readers: the Norwegian Data Protection authority has come to the conclusion that it does not want to create its own Facebook page. The authors conclude that this might lead to other public corporations to withdraw their Facebook page from the platform. Read more to find out why!
  • An article published yesterday on Stratechery explains Cloudflare's evolution in the industry, now that Cloudfare is ready to launch a new cloud object storage service that promises to be cheaper than the established alternatives, a step the company believes will catapult it into direct competition with AWS and other cloud providers.
  • Another gem from NRK in this week's reading list, where we learn more about the darkest of the dark colour, namely Musou Black. The article explains the use of this particular black colour and how the art world was enraged when internationally renowned artist Anish Kapoor got the licence to be the only artist to use that colour outside of the industry. Read more about the black material that absorbs 100% of the light here.

Design of the week

  • Here are 10 keys to nailing responsive design in Figma. Beautifully explained and equally beautifully executed.
  • This new iron mark for Volvo was launched this week, and was done in-house. Volvo's first car dates back to 1927, and since then it has been bearing the Swedish automaker's famous Iron Mark logo of a circle with an arrow pointing to the upper right. The first car with this updated Iron Mark will be launched in 2023. The question, "Do you like it," probably doesn't matter because it won't stop anyone from buying the product.
  • A website for the GT Ultra font caught our attention this week. GT Ultra dances between the worlds of sans and serifs, fusing calligraphy and construction. With energetic architecture and finespun details laying its bedrock, we love how this versatile, variable typographic system uses the latest typographic technology to realize its full potential.

Tech of the week

  • Codepen is a treat for front-end designers and developers. On this platform, you can build a website, learn and debug, but most importantly: test and showcase user-created HTML, CSS and JavaScript code snippets (called "pens"). The website functions as an online code editor and open-source learning environment, where you can create code snippets and test them.
  • Amazon released its home robot maskot this week: Astro. After a long wait, this "Alexa on wheels" is finally ready. Amazon’s most ambitious in-home product yet. Amazon sees it as bringing together many different parts of the company — robotics, AI, home monitoring, cloud services — all into one device.
  • Ever wondered if a copy/paste keyboard existed? This started as an April Fool's joke, but it turns out it's real - and sold out. This keyboard ensure unlimited access to copy and paste from Stack Overflow. Learn more about this little jewel here.
  • On this post from Twitter you'll learn that the aspect-ratio feature is now supported on all evergreens browsers. Now you don't need to make the padding-top hack to achieve specific aspect ratios anymore.

That's it for this week! We'll be back next Friday with more food for thoughts. If you'd like to get in touch with us don't hesitate to shoot us an email at hello@feed.no.