Weekly Feed #129

Feed weekly October 29, 2021

For the last Friday in October, here’s a collection of gems that we found useful and informative. This week we dive - among other things - into Google's data centers, Figma updates, another reason to drop Dropbox, Photoshop's new web app and an instance of why fashion and tech aren't always a good mix.

Reading list

  • Data centers owned by Google in a small Oregon town spark an emerging 21st century concern about who gets the right to consume water, and how that might impact climate change.
  • Photoshop is turning into a web app. Read this article to understand the how and the why.
  • Fashion and tech gone wrong? Not sure Fauna audio is acting wisely by launching their new pair of audio glasses - which, ought to be said, are not even repairable.

Design of the week

Tech of the week

That's it for this week! We'll be back in November.