Weekly Feed #131

Feed weekly November 12, 2021

Here’s a collection of links we've found useful and informative this week. A good mixture of current affairs regarding tech, design, and relevant articles. In a bit of a grunge mood today, so apologies for the rants.

Reading list

  • Area 17 is a studio we often refer to when looking for inspiration in the more corporate corner of our daily dabbles. Here’s their year in review.
  • You just might end up with an Andy Warhol original by purchasing a possibly real copy at the Museum of Forgeries.
  • Prepare for your synapses to hurt, as you delve into Niantics vision for a Real-World Metaverse and their new AR/VR tools. Niantic is the creator of Pokemon Go, so they do have some headway on the subject.
  • Unity, a 3D engine turned 3D world generator, will actually let you scroll for a while before claiming their corner of the metaverse, but you’ll have a good read up until that point. The article’s mostly about whether their aquisition of how Weta Digital. Weta is the VFX studio founded by Peter Jackson, so this matchup seems very powerful.

Design of the week

  • So you want to be a designer? Really? If you say "Lorem ipsum" to a designer, you’ll likely get a droopy “dolor sit amet” flung back at you. Are you ready for your life to revolve around a nonsensical tug-of-war with Lorem ipsum? Literally waking up with a sweat in the middle of the night, on the verge of cardio vascular melt down, aching for words that bear any sort of meaning after your verbatim nonsensical and randomized nightmare. Sure, you’ve glazed your days with some sort of hope every once in a while, happening upon randomized business slur generators, or even spending effort on ML generated versions. But the unescapable truth is palpable. It. Is. All. Without. Meaning. And so is your life, when you’re standing thigh deep in the literal mud bath that is Lorem ipsum. Well, here’s just enough good news to get you through this Friday at the very least. Look out for an update to Figma which uses Bob Ross’s Happy Quotes to replace your placeholder copy. A quick refresher on Bob. He’s the guy who said "there aren’t any mistakes, just happy little accidents." Take that, project manager! He also wants to build a "happy little cloud that floats around in the sky", and claims that artists are a different breed of people – a happy bunch. So you’re obviously in good hands. The update is pending.
  • Framer makes another stab at yet another way to design and publish beautiful websites in record time.

Tech of the week

  • Prisma is out with a Data Platform that looks very interesting. an online data browser, a query console, a data proxy (purpose-built for Prisma!), and integration with your Prisma schema and databases.
  • Airtable, basically Google Sheet but with more powerful and prettier, are out with an online tool that specialized on forms. It can be a CMS if you’d like.