Weekly Feed #134

Feed weekly December 03, 2021

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  • There’s a hint of supervillainny surrounding the secret Nike lab that birthed the self lacing sneakers of our collective dreams. Spelunking deep into it, Wired has a piece that’ll leave you informed or terrified. Kind of baffled by the seeming disconnect from the personal styles and interior choices on the inside - versus the street swag appeal of the output product. Anyways, you’ll have your own reflections so never mind ours.
  • Bad news for all agencies playing on the word/theme Pixel in their brand. Designers are fleeing the absolute property “px" to the relative of the root font size “rem”. This makes so much sense in responsive design, you wouldnt believe it. Here’s the how and why.
  • How things rise and fall is universally appealing. Almost like looking through photo albums from our teenage years. Tech and business is obviously full of such stories, like Kodak, Polaroid and Nokia. Some of us think of Flash, which perhaps was the crux of Adobes story. Here’s an article discussing the rise and fall of Adobe.
  • NFT. First ballet NFT. Get yer NFT here and so on.
  • On the IKEA Bertil chair and compressed reality of synthetic datasets!
  • 99% Invisible is a podcast fav at the office. Here’s a cool episode on the matter of alphabetical order.

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