Weekly Feed #135

Feed weekly December 10, 2021

Our nostrils tarnished by the overpowering scents of Xmas, we still find time to douse our minds in these useful and informative links. A good mixture of current affairs regarding tech, design, and relevant articles. Thanks to the whole team for submitting a record number!

Reading list

  • A proverbial gift wrapped surprise! Our first link of the week is a dead one at the time of this writing. There’s no way of telling whats behind it. It’s a pdf download from NASA, which gardens some curiosity. The servers might simply be overloaded, because it’s such a brilliant read. Try your luck and see if you can get in.
  • Our second link is repost posted last week. Pay attention people!
  • This one though, is a proper functioning and fresh link. There has been some insight pieces on the design studio of Jony Ive at Apple design studio through the years, albeit far apart. Wha’ts changed since those articles is perhaps Apples even larger impact on the tech industry as a whole and an unbelievable number of the human population, their new location, and last but not least the absence of Ive himself. Wallpaper has a good piece on the internal workings of the design team we’re all influenced by.

Design of the week

  • Hold on to something. This is best explained by Headline.vision themselves: "The latest news headlines as seen through a generative image AI. All images are created using real-time New York Times data combined with Big Sleep, VQGAN+CLIP and CLIP Guided Diffusion. Text-to-image generation techniques built on machine learning.”
  • Google Fonts is a great knowledge library in the world of fonts. Thanks for making this, Google.
  • We make time for some font research on our own though, and the typefaces at Sociotype are well worth checking out.
  • Another cheat for every designer out there. Here’s a sneak peek at an encyclopedia covering all major design systems out there, courtesy of Storybook. A definite bookmark.
  • A creative studio out of Melbourne is a rising star on our list of inspirational colleagues. Check out More Studio. It’s good example of how far tech and design in an agency context can take us.
  • It can be this much fun wearing Burberry and bringing a large production out into the fields.
  • Oskar Talberg, a steady source of game related art and other goodies, provides the second dead or overloaded link of the day. Try your luck.

Tech of the week

That’s it for the 135th edition of this little corner of our site! Have a good weekend.