Weekly Feed #139

Feed weekly January 21, 2022

This week we’re gearing up to a massive popcorn/pillow moment as the US Federal Government and Austria go head-to-head over your data. Also, we’ve been chatting and reading about how GPS actually works, the creative web capacities enabled by NFTs and why 1password has become the successful gatekeeper and trustworthy bodyguard we all need.

Reading list

Design of the week

  • Trying to keep a They Took Our Jobs tantrum internal. Framer is, once again, where it’s at when it comes to wysiwyg design+build+publish.
  • They’re Taking Our Jobs again. Vercel is adding insult to injury with their Platforms Starter Kit.
  • Solvency is a tool to create a bespoke contract and handling the logics of minting an NFT artwork. Art is obviously elusive, and it requires a whole lot of domain knowledge to fully grasp and innovate technology and logics intersecting with art. Kudos to Ezra Miller for putting in the labour.

Tech of the week

  • 1Password, the gatekeeper to the Feed teams shared passwords, hit a valuation of $6.8B after the largest funding round for a Canadian company ever. There are many reasons to praise AgileBits besides their money earning talent. The password manager was, and is, a major problem solver for one of the digital age’s biggest latent problems. Many are doing the same, but they mostly remain overshadowed by AgileBits creativity and productivity. Agilebits has also avoided getting Sherlocked, somehow.
  • Answering to why 1Password needs 600 employees, Mitchell Cohen, a 1Password Product Director, reveals what type of ingenuity it takes to retain the level of security and zero-knowledge in the tiniest of features; namely the way the app grabs and stores app icons. This is all part of the magic sauce that places 1Password ahead of others.
  • This. The U.S. Federal Government, widely regarded as one of the most open and fair spirited bureaucracies in the world, is giving us a somewhat surprising look into their unified Google Analytics account. The most downloaded file from any government site is currently a 404 at IRS.gov.
  • But hang on, hold my Sierra Nevada Pale Ale a minute. Austria won’t have any of this nonsense. As of Jan 13, Google Analytics is illegal. It’s illegal to transfer EU citizens to servers processing visitor data on US controlled servers. And right now, 61% of all visitors to US federal sites are non-US, a substantial portion of which originates form within the EU. If you’re wondering if a site complies with Austrian regulation just hit up Illegal Analytics Scanner. Served by Fathom, the non invasive analytics provider we've ranted about before.
  • Back to some more common themes. Remix is the new kid on the block, an alternative to Next.js. Here’s an interesting read on how and why you should start using Remix. Penned by Remix.
  • Hey, so have you ever dreamt of having an NFT profile picture on Twitter? Now you can. We’re filing this under one or more of Murphy’s alternative laws. Possibly “whatever can happen, will happen”. Or “any solution can create it’s own problem”. Either way, it’s clearly a glass half full/empty situation.