Weekly Feed #140

Feed weekly January 28, 2022

Another week means another boom bap from Feed, complete with frameworks, an apocalyptic forewarning, some fresh design and at least one or two shoutouts to colleagues around the world that we find particularly inspiring. At any rate, we find these links useful and informative. A good mixture of current affairs regarding tech, design, and relevant articles. Also, congrats on your birthday this weekend, Petter! You're our hero, our muse, and more than likely the sole reader of this journal.

Reading list

  • In an inevitable Inception moment, researchers have made an AI that builds AI. A terrible idea, spelling certain doom for all of humanity.

Design of the week

  • This isn't the fora for self praise. But we made the news, so there. Well kind of. Turns out Norwegian audiences can take down even the most discerning hosting strategy after all. We helped launch Omarsherrif.com, a speedy custom build with pay gate and a continuous video stream for the new Karpe film project. You should check it out. All PR is good PR.
  • Why is there such a thing as a manual, handwritten signature in 2023. Seriously. How would you go about verifying someone’s signature? Our next signature will be a localised icon in the SF Symbols icon system.
  • Massive shout out to Self Aware Studio, a digital agency out of Philadelphia, PA. They've made a list of every project they’ve ever charged for, including budget, scope and deliverables. This is useful for a number of reason, and such a welcome gesture in our industry. Such a welcome gesture in our industry. We all sell time, but we also sell experience and quality. How it translates to actual revenue is interesting for a number of reasons. This is good for newcomers, clients, and established studios alike in realising the actual value of our labour. It’s also funny how it so much resembles our own journey, all the way down to the barters and the unpaid overtime. Philly and Oslo aren't so far apart huh. Sharing is caring, and Self Aware is doing it right.
  • Arguing that accessibility standards are just plain good design, Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam is putting the theory to work. This might be the one to beat atm. Kudos!
  • But hey, let's pause for something that's just really good looking, shall we. William Jacobson out of Sweden is an illustrator/typographer and we love his work.

Tech of the week

  • Wordpress is, again, a target for malicious attacks. This time, a back door in 90+ themes have been discovered, which has been providing threat-actors full access to websites employing these themes. It takes us back to a time when it seemed that our primary job was to help clients transition from WP after having their sites hacked. Who you gonna call.
  • Years of asking for ways to sort utility classes in Tailwind project, we’re super happy that an official Prettier plugin is out. Massive weight off developer’ shoulders.
  • We’re nearing the end of this post, and it’s time for the customary framework update. Here’s Remix, a stable in our Weekly dump of links, blogging about yet another framework.
  • Oh no, nonononono! Can't see your precious newly acquired non funge? OpenSea, a popular marketplace for NFT’s suffered a “database outage” on Thursday. That, in turn, took down the popular crypto wallet MetMask so NFT’s could be displayed. Probably need and AI to build and AI to sort it out.