Weekly Feed # 145

Feed weekly March 04, 2022

This week we’ve been looking at the amazing rollout of a really great new NTF game. The characters are especially endearing. When it comes to characters; there is a nice article breaking down why Japanese websites look so different. On the tech side of things Notion is rolling out some smart integrations, some people are even using Notion as a CMS. We also came across a few good links for shoreing up your tech stack, hope you find them useful!!!

Design of the week

Tech of the week

  • We are looking forward to the Synced Databases feature coming up in Notion!
  • While we are talking about Notion; can it be used as a CMS?? (Yes… Until Notion changes something that is...)
  • Finally! ECMAScript 2022 introduces at() method in Array, String, TypedArray.
  • Theres a new design for the MDN website. Did design make it worse? Apparently some think so.
  • Flightcontrol has reached version 1.0. It is a tool for setting up your own Platform as a Service, something like Heroku, on your own cloud infrastructure.
  • Its a bit like best-before use dates for software, gives you an overview of everything in one place. Dont get stuck with lumpy milk in your tech stack!
  • Get some confidence in your opensource packages. Find and maintain credible opensource packages with Socket.