Weekly Feed #146

Feed weekly March 11, 2022

We're still keeping up on our tradition of collecting links we found useful and/or informative within the realm of our day-to-day.

Reading list

  • Oddly, the good old piracy website LimeWire is back, but as an NFT marketplace. That makes almost no sense from a branding perspective. It’s like Polaroid coming back as a dental care provider, or Nokia making squishy poops and noodle tins. But anyways, here’s the full story on Vice.
  • Metalab, oh Metalab… Just a tip of the hat, and happy to sniff your contrail. Here's a good read on brand meets product.
  • 15% of the daily searches on google have never been googled before. Fun fact indeed from @rajanpatel

Design of the week

  • Euro-vision.net, not the Eurovision you’re… envisioning… (sorry). This is an interresting straight-to-the-point visualisation of raw materials along supply risk vs economic importance vectors, that gets increasingly artistic and complex the further you go down the rabbit hole. Fork out some crypto on Scandium!
  • A tounge-in-cheek take on whatever's trendy, neumorphism is making a beautiful splash over at thehost.is. Perhaps we’ll see the return of scewmorphism soon! @Andreea: We’ll stop using exclamation marks very soon!
  • Taking the online business card very seriously, even in mobile view, Liebermann Kiepe Reddeman is the source of the aforementioned neumorphism site and many, many other really cool pieces of work.

    Begging for more neovintage love, but adding some serious cleverness, Alice Peragine’s video installation "Careful Carriers of Now” requires three devices to be viewed properly. Get you Mac, iPhone and iPad out!
  • Apparently, we can’t go a week without a nod to Tailwind UI. @reinink reminds us that we use tables a lot.
  • Just a sweet collection of design tips courtesy of Refactoring UI.

Tech of the week

  • So Craft is coming out with a major 4.0 update. This is fairly big news for us, and for many of our clients. You’ll hear more about it soon enough.
  • Here’s a quick how-to on upgrading to React 18 Release Candidate.
  • Oh, this is good! An opinionated tool for helping decide whether a software tool is worth building. Spoiler, it’s probably not. Wonder how this feature itself scored.
  • Ruby on Rails was spearheaded by none other than this David dude, the very same dude who’s been under a lot of heat at Basecamp. He can’t seam to get a grip, and here’s a long rant of his about the RailsConf where he traditionally holds the keynote speach, but won’t be able to anymore.

That’s all for us this week. Peace, literally.