Weekly Feed # 147

Feed weekly March 18, 2022

We were on the internet again this week and have collected a few interesting links too. Some of them have led us to cleverly designed websites, a heartbreaking interview with the hacker Gummo, an OCD triggering AR feature that helps you hang your pictures at the same height thoughout your home, and the art direction behind Journey, to mention a few.

Reading list

  • Rumour has it one of our designers finished the game Journey late one night at an afterparty. Ten years on the stellar art direction still stands out.
  • Hackers get a bad reputation… some of them are actually extremely humble, empathetic people that work to make the world a better place. Gummo is the genius epitome of the good hacker. He also has an estimated $7 billion in bitcoin.

Design of the week

  • Style the site yourself, but your design will be recorded… and may end up as the landing page of others
  • Perfect use of AR… hang ALL your pictures at the same height, throughout the whole house... OCD alert!!!
  • Figma love --- Figjam works really well on Ipad now too
  • Yet another productivity app; looks to have really good UI, good name, but what really caught our attention was the great feature of having live comments along the side of the product presentation.
  • We have been fans of these tools for a while, now a new one just came out... Ridiculous!
  • Some nice interviews here, including studios like Porto Rocha and Pizza Pizza. But these guys really need to do a better job at finding the talented women out there 😡
  • When the client asks you to make the page less boring.
  • Is this a critical parody of what Web3 could become? We are not totally sure...

Tech of the week

  • Demo on Routes in Remix… nice cheat.
  • Another week another Javascript framework. More like css.
  • CSS tricks; the internet institution is now ”joining” digital ocean.
  • Lamina looks like a really easy way to work with React 3d components.
  • Nice experiment with the accelerometer in your earpods to control a parallax effect.
  • With Storage block you can save what happens in multiplayer mode.