Weekly Feed #149

Feed weekly April 01, 2022

Reading list

  • The Norwegian digital directorate (Digdir) has created a one-stop shop for all the API’s in use for national services. This is great news for us, and shortens the time we spend investigating these things massively.
  • Clearly, online meetings is the lakris in the bag of candy that is the home office. The aftermath of stupid Covid brings with it an urgent need to strengthen true collaboration. McKinsey has a few thoughts worth reading.
  • We’re also relying much more on scheduling our daily lives, and we’re genuinely excited about a new Google Calendar feature that aims to take the back-and-forth out if the equation.

Design of the week

  • Anyone remember Paper? The beautiful and easy to use drawing app for iPad? It’s a decade old, and one of the originators is opening up on the story behind creating it.
  • No one knows how many Figma plugins we currently employ, and Storybook bring another one that we’ll be sure to check out.
  • Lottie animations FTW. LottieFiles has everything you need to create, edit, test and deploy your brilliant eye candies.

Tech of the week

  • React 18 is now available on npm! Whatever that means. This means fundamental changes, but you won’t really notice them. So why are we talking about it? I do not know.
  • What is going on. Apcalyptic alert. So Dyson is putting fans in the ear cups of a headset. Which begs a fair amount of questions. It sucks air, filters it, and shoots in to you face through a connected mask. We absolutely love it. It’s over engineered and absolutely bonkers.
  • The ⌘Z of web publishing in serverless environments. Rewind here to save the day.
  • Where are the devs when you need them. They're certainly not writing this post. Here's an article regarding real world testing with Cypress. Have at it, and decipher it yourself.
  • Also, feast your eyes on Edge Functions, now available in Supabase.
  • SQL visualizer! Nicely done. It’ll help you understand how a db query works and what it does.