Weekly Feed #151

Feed weekly April 22, 2022

This weeks collection of links we found useful and/or fun. Tech heavy this time, so sit down relax and pop your favourite energy drink.

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Design of the Week

Tech of the week

  • There's a lot happening in this neat webXR demo. Here's what you get if you put Local world surface estimation + UserMediaAPI + Projective Texturing + Hand Tracking together.
  • The first CMS made entirely for SQL databases in the form of Basedash is out. Seems very easy to use, finally removing some complexities from working with SQL. All without the need to create admin panels.
  • Lexical is extensible text editor framework that promises to do things differently.
  • @amasad showcasing a Prototype of DALL·E 2 x Replit integration. We love these types of AI integrations, where you can simply state what you want in plain text.
  • Now available to everyone! Amplify Studio is a visual interface that simplifies front- and backend development for web and mobile applications.
  • Contentlayer is a content SDK that validates and transforms your content into type-safe JSON data you can easily import into your application. What Prisma is for databases, Contentlayer is for content, typesafe all the way through.

Adieu. See you next Friday.