Weekly Feed #153

Feed weekly May 06, 2022

A weekly collection of links we found useful, so chances are you will too.

Reading list

  • Abelia, the business association of Norwegian knowledge and technology based enterprises, has released the yearly key figures for the Norwegian IT sector. We're still importing more than we're exporting. Luckily, Feed, is here to save they day, tomorrow;)
  • ustwo. The name itself almost makes us blush. In their latest train of though, they're explaining what they mean when they say "Play Thinking".
  • Interactive components, animations and a brilliant sense of teaching all come together in this great piece on how mechanical movements in watches work. Bartosz Ciechanowski gives you all you need.
  • Stein over at Heydays has begun a fantastic research project looking into the human benefits of applying theories of “natural aesthetics“ in digital design. His vantage point is really refreshing and views aesthetics in the digital realm from a biological, mindfull but also business perspective. 🙏

Design of the week

  • Some really fresh, playfull and graphic work from Hezin O, a designer (and studio) out of Seoul, KR. She also writes really honest and reflective about design and her practice.
  • A nice page from Lennart Lahuis, and we in particularly like the way texture makes a comeback to our slick glass clad screens.
  • Bjørn Karmann, a Danish multidisciplinary interaction- and speculative designer, provides a comprehensive look into his projects. We're thoroughly impressed by the range of work and how he's obviously cracked some sort of code.

Tech of the week

Until next week, and so on.