Weekly Feed #155

Feed weekly May 20, 2022

In this weeks rendition of links to stuff we either like and/or found useful, we're addressing the myth of developers and math (they suck at it), and revisit the old idea of automated background removal to see how far humanity has come. So listen up, Mr. W., should be something in here for you too!

Reading list

Design of the week

  • Tip of the hat to OKOK Services. Fresh new site with interesting UI.
  • Are.na is the new Pinterest of sorts. Or, not new, but it's finally picking up some pace. We like it. Here's a deck from Heydays+Goods.

Tech of the week

  • Stripe has released a new framework called Markdoc.io. Adds some richness, aaaaand worth checking out.
  • We're nearing the bottom of the list, which is where it get's a little ahead of this copy writers tech competence. I know, because it involves Vercel. We'll copy-paste their own words, and say that people around the office are excited about it: "The Axiom integration enables you to monitor the health and performance of your Vercel deployments by ingesting all your request, function, and web vitals data."
  • So forget what we said earlier about learning mathematics to digest algorithms and get more proficient at coding. Why won't you just use Blitz Recommendations plugin to give you hints on what to code next in Craft instead?
  • Welcome to the grail trail, where we post iterations on tech that resembles tech we where excited about 10+ years ago, but that has gotten much much better over time. Here's an automated tool to remove background from images, courtesy of ClipDrop.

PETTER! They're on to us! Our target demography is now officially plural. A Mr. W. has entered your fold of keen readers. We've actually ordered some cryptic coffee mugs to celebrate this historic moment. We're going full merch mode. There's no turning back.