Feed Weekly #176

Feed weekly November 11, 2022

It's getting increasingly hard to source valid links to actual interesting and/or useful stuff from our Twitter echo chamber, but let's give it a go.

Reading list

  • Gergely, the Pragmatic Engineer, is gifting the world with a heck of a story on how the Uber app was rewritten in its heydays all the way back in 2016. It all started with a drunken promise of launching a new app soon.
  • How about some crypto news! Obviously not a lot to brag about these days, but how a bout a hero-or-not story?

Design of the week

  • We absolutely love sites that splurge in creativity, and for this blog we like to highlight things that are perhaps a bit "out there" in terms of ROI and other run-of-the-mill metrics in our industry. One industry that can go a little crazy is off course the gallery world. Check out artcode8.com.
  • That brings us to musical artists, they too can dance on the strings of creativity without worrying too much about conversion. Here's Nosaj Thing.
  • Yeah, not too many design links this week. But hey, our handful of steady followers might want to consider submitting too! If you do, you might get one of our cryptic coffee mugs in return.

Tech of the week

Got to hand it to developers. Not just in general, but the ability to summarise exactly what they're on about in the page is a lesson well learned for many of us. It makes life a breeze for this copywriter.

  • First up: "Supertweak is a Chrome extension to quickly tweak your website live, preview instantly and copy classes or html to use in your project" If you're into visual devtools for Tailwind CSS, considerer yourself served.
  • Or how about this one: "Shopify for Craft CMS". It's hard to be more precise, and fill up several lines of text with interesting things to add. Coffee is good though, always drink coffee while writing.
  • "Exactly what you're looking for"leaves you wondering though. But check out this subtitle: "With GitHub code search, your code—and the world’s—is at your fingertips." A roundup of highlights from the GitHub conference.
  • Aaaaand hypothesis shattered. Rome v10 is here, aka "the first stable release of Rome". We all know it wasn't built in a day, but ten versions seems a little over the top. Read on for more comedy gold.
  • Jamstack is here to save the day, and will actually "provide developers with full-stack powers." At least according to their own community survey.
  • Screw you GitHub. How am I supposed to make legible sense of you. Luckily, the page title reads "taxonomy: An open source application using the new router, server components and everything new in Next.js 13".

Lastly, Petter, Mr. W., our dear readers, let us know if you'd like an actual developer to write these tech links will you?