Feed Weekly #185

Feed weekly January 20, 2023

Shooting flames in the face of writers block, this collective has collected links this week and found time to share them with you, our dear readers Petter and Mr. W. Without further ado, consider yourselves served with things that might be useful and/or interesting if you're somewhat like us. That's promising a lot without promising anything.

Reading list

  • This sucks. Now, our preferred coffee brewing method is pour over and traditional filtered. Which has the highest carbon footprint of all the ways to brew, at least according to this study. You don't want to know what's the most environmentally friendly, but we'll say it anyway. Numero uno is instant coffee, and three on the list are capsules. This is a bombshell of EOL proportions. Basically, the list is flipped upside down of the trends. And what are we, if not trendy. We are scrambling to find out what's wrong with this study, say corporate funding etc. Follow for more on this subject. Will report back with multitudes of alternative facts.
  • The Anek variable font covers the needs of multilingual India, serving 9 languages spanning from English to Hindi and Marathi, achieved through an impressive collaboration that took place during lock down. Read the case study and check out the swagger here.

Design of the week

  • Perhaps surprisingly, Wikipedia gets a design overhaul and new features - almost a decade since last time. Adjacent perhaps, we recall another design agency in Oslo who set out on an ambitious world wide collaboration based on the Wikimedia Foundation principles to redesign the brand. It's all well documented here.
  • In looking at online archives with visual content, we've been drawing inspiration from Markus Kistners in-page navigation and Beni Bischofs filter hierarchy. They both offer interesting approaches to solve the same problem.
  • Julia Volkmar, spatial graphic designer in Berlin, eats her own medicine with this extremely fresh and on point website. Ringing the bell for a super nice on this one (holler if that's a reference you get).
  • 12:01 am, an "anti-disciplinary creative studio" points the way and makes a statement for West Coast visuals.

Tech of the week

  • Remix is blasting the interwebs with a shit ton of new features. Pardon our language, but we just don't allow backspacing in our copy department on Fridays.
  • Prisma's Accelerate opens its early access. Up to a thousand times faster database queries is a bold promise, but one we like because it's not quantified in seconds. Long time (pun intended) readers will know that we keep tabs on those promises whenever the tools we use makes claims about saved time etc, and we're currently actually making time for each task we do. Which means that even x1000 faster queries is a bottle neck. Come on, work harder Prisma.
  • A how-to from our favourite smartypant Ida Aalen. This in in Norwegian though, so we'll switch til norsk. Her er hvordan man kan transkribere intervjuer automatisk uten personvernfeller eller en krone i budsjett. Rimelig rått.
  • And we're back. But the donor of this last link is out of sight and it's getting late and this copywriter can't make sense of anything anymore. So this one is for you to process and distill. It's from Interval, the fearless frontendless framework for high growth companies, and it is brilliant enough to make our list for some reason.