Feed Weekly #187

Feed weekly February 10, 2023

Baskin in the pile of links left over from our wayfaring wanderers, aka designers tripping in Berlin, we've come to the end of the week. It's time for another roundup of things we found useful and/or interesting in the week that has been.

Reading list

  • There seems to be two trends going on at the moment. On the one hand, digital design is getting more explorative, generative and alive. Meanwhile, we're making way in terms of accessibility in the UI, understanding and applying its principles to a larger degree. It certainly doesn't have to be an either or. Here's Craft laying out Accessible Target Sizes to make it even easier to know you're working in the right direction.
  • Say what you will about FB, but the iOS app has been a stronghold on the fruity platform since forever. The evolution of Facebook's iOS app architecture outlines how Metas oldest iOS codebase have been worked on by "thousands of engineers and shipped to billions of users, and it can support hundreds of engineers iterating on it at a time." What else, other than perhaps iOS itself, can talk in those numbers.
  • Here's a long read on an entirely different subject. The Market for Lemons talks about inefficiency and old school thinking in web development.

Design of the week

  • Design systems, or the transition from object oriented design to a system design approach, lives in the intersection of design and code. Here's a useful digital book, or digital course, on the subject. Courtesy of designer, programmer, artist, and educator Rune Madsen.
  • Yeah. Teenage Engineering is here to remind everyone that no one else can make cool things. It's easy to feel dismal, but put that aside and check out how something as zzz as a field desk can be the coolest thing ever made. Giving this a million out of ten.
  • An update on Genius from Diagram, the AI design companion in Figma. Another preview lays out how this will be a part of your workflow very soon. It'll complete what you start while you move on to the next item on your to do list.
  • While we're on the subject, touted as a human design killer, Galileo AI is your text-to-design copilot.

Tech of the week

  • Verbb proves excellen Craft plugins. Here's a slew on new releases, such as social login etc.
  • We've been live streaming the AI generated endless Seinfeld stream for a while, but it's dead now. It turned ridiculous with offensive content soon enough. A precursor to what happens in an AI generated world perhaps. Read the story here.