Feed Weekly #188

Feed weekly February 17, 2023

Allow yourself a brief period of strict inspiration, devoid of everything that's going wrong in the world. Tune out by tuning in to stuff that might be interesting and/or useful in your work life.

Reading list

  • Well shit. Seems we overpromised in the lead. Things are still not alright over at Twitter, as Mr. Musk was upset about not reaching more than some 9 million of us in a Super Bowl tweet. His ego was forced to deal with the fact that President Biden had a wider reach. So he went full punk mode and ordered changes to the algorithm favouring his own tweets. Cool beans.
  • Pharrell Williams is taking over Mens's design at Louis Vuitton after the sad passing of Virgil Abloh.

Design of the week

  • Here we go, just enjoy this page for a moment. Ain't No Trash is a curated second hand furniture in Hamburg, who also host Ain't No Studio for all your workspace needs. while those two businesses go well in hand, we really just want to point you to their sweet website.
  • Graphic Design Festival Scotland is renamed International Assembly. While always great and well worth everyones attention, it's cool that they're doubling down on being an arena for the whole international community.

Tech of the week

  • How about a command line interface that uses AI to write your git commit messages for you. Most likely totally unbiased and non-sentient.
  • This developer is maintaining core-js and he's tired af. Here's a crazy story on how he goes about trying to deal with this. The components are in use by more than half of the top 100 websites globally, but no one seems interested in supporting the work.
  • Tired of having to describe everything you want AI to do for you textually? How about some image-to-image action to ease your cognition. Like say you have a picture of your sad face but want to have a happy face. pix2pix-zero is here to save the day.
  • The University of Oslo launches Autotekst, open to Feide users. It's based on Whisper from OpenA, handles audio and video file types of your choice, and outputs in Norwegian or English. It'll even translate.
  • We're finally seeing Apple delivering on an old promise from last WWDC where they promised Web Push for Web Apps. As of iOS and iPadOS 16.4 beta 1, you can try it out. This is kind of big news, if it works as well as promised at least. Push notifications is in many cases one of the last strongholds that forces projects towards native deployments. This should make Web Apps even more viable in many cases.

They took our clowns, and now balloons are scary too. 'Till next week.