Feed Weekly #194

Feed weekly March 31, 2023

Staring blindly into the haze that is the Internet, we've done the pioneering for you and collected a few links to things you might find useful and/or interesting in the intersection of design and tech.

Reading list

  • The competitive space of public AI services is hectic, to say the least. Are we unleashing this beast too fast while marginalising societal and ethical responsibilities? There's a growing movement who thinks so. The Future of Life Institute calls on AI labs to pause training for 6 months while we figure things out, and you can sign the petition here.
  • In an open letter, Eliezer Yudkowsky, an authority on Artificial General Intelligence, wants to take it a whole lot further and and wants to shut it all down full stop.
  • Apple seems to have second and third thoughts on its bid on Augmented Reality glasses. The project seems to constantly hit new obstacles, and it's being speculated that Apple is about to launch an awesome device with little practical usage. The internal dissent is better explained to those with the key to the NYT paywall here.

Design of the week

  • Welcome to Oslo! Continuing his project of documenting the world, William Mario Hindson has created yet another beautiful website into which you can get delightfully lost - just follow the signs. Hats off, this is brilliant stuff.
  • Kudos on the new web page, Snøhetta.
  • Figma summarises their own favourite features from the past year of updates. Makes it a little easier to digest for the rest of us.
  • Hey, the new Pepsi identity looks straight out of Route 66, a delicious retro futuristic take that underlines just how awful life must have been for the previous generation.

Tech of the week

  • In the department of "stuff you didn't know you needed," Tailwind CSS v3.3 is out also includes stuff we've been missing for ages. The future looks good.
  • Flipping things on the head, how about you write the test - then GPT write the code? Try it out.
  • Oh yeah, the revenue stream in AI, how could we forget about you. Bing can generate Ads, naturally.
  • In an unusual fashion, Google stumbled on the take off plate and more or less tumbled face first in the sand pit when launching the AI bot you certainly don't want to run into in a dark ally. Its name is Bard. And now there are some serious claims that Bard has been using ChatGPT data in its training. Google denies it though.