Feed Weekly #196

Feed weekly April 21, 2023

Ahoy! The seas are calling. We are, of course, speaking proverbially to grab your attention. Our port of call is the very internet, still looking for things you might find useful and/or interesting.

Reading list

Design of the week

  • Danijel Sijakovic offers a fresh take on gallery interaction. There are a thousand ways to do this, and none are ideal, but this makes for an interesting browsing experience.
  • Kiosken Studio, a gallery and project space in Bergen has a nice new site.
  • Permanent Beta presents a strictly audible exploration on "the lure of the image." What happens when images are completely removed from the equation? Aside from tickling our curiosity, the site itself, devoid of imagery, is interesting in itself.
  • Has Drammen Municipality succeeded in associating boats and fog in a grotesque? Natt&Dag has a VERY long article on the matter (in Norwegian).

Tech of the week

  • Vercel Web Analytics is finally available to mere mortals. It's a first party analytics platform for privacy-friendly tracking and less JS. We're not gonna lie, we're trying to avoid GA as often as we can, and this solution is cheekily x44 times smaller than GA, which is good for site performance.
  • Ever wanted to talk to a PDF instead of reading it? Now you can.
  • Ecosend is an email marketing platform focusing on reducing carbon footprint. Naturally, you could completely eradicate the carbon footprint in its entirety by not pushing unsolicited emails, but that's not the way the world works is it.
  • CKEditor, a fac amongst Craft devs is out in a revised and oh so sweet version.

Intrepid farewell.