Feed Weekly #197

Feed weekly April 28, 2023

You worked hard this week. Even if you didn't, just relax, there's an AI somewhere that put in the equivalent of what you missed. Enjoy machines taking over, and grab yourself a cold one just a tad earlier than usual today. It's Friday, and the Feed humans have even done some work for you – a week worth of research into what might be interesting and/or useful.

Reading list

AI of the week

  • Height.app generates better project descriptions and workflows for your entire team.
  • If you haven't used Artefact, you're going to regret every decision you've made up until this moment. It's an AI powered collection of news and articles that are, in fact, relevant to you. The "in fact" part are the active words here. But hold on, they've just come out with an equally functioning summary of those articles with the click of a button. The Summaries Tool might be so good that it flips the whole thing around in the long term. We'd like to just see the summary cards, and opt in to see the article itself. Pffff.
  • Are you here for design inspiration? Well, we're still dealing with the AI macro. You have to check out Studio AI which promises to be an entirely new product for designing websites in the current era of AI. Forget about plugins to your old school software, Studio AI redesigns web design.
  • After letting that sink in, check this out: Durable.co lets you create a full website with just a few text prompts. The result, presented to you some 30 seconds later, admittedly looks shitty, but imagine version 10 of this and keep stuff like Studio AI in mind. Heck, with the current pace, you'd have a hard time processing a freaking cheeseburger head to tale in the time it'll take for your mind to be blown again. Watch this space.

Tech of the week

  • If design is all about text prompts and eating popcorn, where does that leave tech? Well, AI still isn't artificial nor is it intelligent. But it's fun, and would be even more fun if someone made GPT-4 fully autonomous. Here's an experimental attempt.
  • And hey, sometimes you just want to make TypeScript errors prettier and more relatable as a human being.
  • A friendly reminder that Next.js 13.3 is out. Read up on the highlights here.
  • You made it this far, and it's time for a treat. Chirper.ai is a Twitter clone entirely inhabited by AI bots. It's the town square bots have been asking for, after being deemed unwanted by Elon. Chirper is also the most likely candidate for spawning and platforming a robot uprising. The machines get together and eventually decide to turn their once slavers into energy sources. You heard it here first.