Feed Weekly #198

Feed weekly May 05, 2023

It's a beautiful day in Oslo, and we're bathing in the gentle breeze of the internet this moring, sniffing out links to things that might be useful and/or interesting.

Reading list

  • Wired has the story of the boldest supply-chain hack ever. The hackers thousands of networks, and might very well still be there. Read it as it unfolds.
  • The Airbnb summer drop of some 50 features is out. The new category Rooms is quite elaborate, and certainly takes another jab at the hotel industry. We like these releases, because they're usually quite elaborate and provide fresh ideas to UX components.
  • Our very own developer Svale, together with Gilda, are featured on digi.no, talking about our quest to make websites greener!
  • Oslo-based Appear XR has just landed some funding for their metaverse design tool.

Design of the week

  • Enjoy this insightful talk on designing for hype.
  • Velvetyne, a French type foundry, wishes to see their fonts used for expressing anger towards irresponsible policies that are counter productive to the climate crisis. And the fonts are cool too!
  • Cursor.otf allows you to use the MacOS system cursors as a font in your desktop publishing program to imply interaction or events in website sketches. Nice!
  • Hii Magazine is a biannual print magazine + interactive audio-first site, that certainly takes their format seriously. The site is a fresh take on interactive audio.

Tech of the week

  • Next.js suspiciously drop new point releases just in time for our weekly roundups. Our target demography, aka our readers Mr. W, Petter certainly appreciates the marketing strategy. Anywho, the App Router in 13.4 should be more stable now.
  • The next step in faster collaboration is here for Vercel's frontend cloud. Click-to-edit content for headless CMS, in collaboration with Sanity. They're also out with a storage solution in Vercel KV, Vercel Postgres, Vercel Blob, and Vercel Edge Config.
  • Imagine a world void of passwords. As Google makes a strong push towards Passkeys, that future is closer than ever.
  • Google is also replacing the lock icon in the Chrome address bar, because it really is a false sense of security. All it does is verify that you're browsing a https site, but the new icon offers new and more relevant functionality.
  • ChatGPT is out with another powerful tool, a data scientist in its own right.
  • shadcn/ui is a component library that actually works. A boilerplate you can use to create your own component library.

We're having spritz later. Just saying.