Feed Weekly #201

Feed weekly June 01, 2023

Here's our list of links we've found useful and/or interesting this week:

Reading list

Will you be surprised if we told you it's all about AI?

  • Photoshop has released a new generative AI tool. Here's how you can turn your vacation photos into nightmares.
  • The Verge tells us about Google's Product Studio, also an AI generative tool that can remove backgrounds, generate scenes and turn low-res to hi-res.
  • Our own designer Jonas Vetlesen will appear in a panel debate in Bergen next week, focusing on the impact of AI on the field of design. The event is organised by Grafill Bergen, Rommet, KMD, IxDA and Design Region Bergen.

Design of the week

  • Counterforms' price models for acquiring fonts vary in accordance to which country you are based in. This is a small, yet impactfull, way of bringing awareness to structural differences across countries and continents, and we applaud this attempt to fairness.
  • Did you ever wonder where you could go down memory lane about a trend in Web Design since the internet was born? Then Web Design Museum is for you! You won't believe how bad Nexflix's design was when they started.
  • SameOld is a design store mixing vintage and contemporary furniture in an elegant presentation. We love the ways in which the sizes of the images are responsive to the scroll.
  • Musicians building a website platform for other musicians. How cool is that? It's called Supertape.

Tech of the week