Feed Weekly #203 and #204

Feed weekly June 16, 2023


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The Reddit revolt is not by any means over, the platform seems to keep digging and even deeper hole. It started with dramatic API changes effectively shutting out third party apps. Christian Selig, a Canadian developer in charge of Apollo, has become the poster boy for the uprising. Here's an in depth interview.

Design of the week

Tech of the week

  • It's all going to be AI today. First up is Vercel, who makes everything so easy for us. Their AI SDK lets you do stuff like building Chat GPT with 50 lines of code.
  • Framer promises to deliver your new website in seconds.
  • Sanity does not want to be any less interesting. How about giving their AI Assist a try.
  • Check out Googles case study on making virtual fashion try-on more realistic and useful.
  • Last weeks tech list was all about Apple VR, but that's fairly digested by now. But their demo was probably the best tech demo of all time.