Feed Weekly #205

Feed weekly June 23, 2023

Friday is upon us, and so is another dump of links we found laying around the internet over the past week. Mostly things we found useful and/or interesting in our line of work. If you're reading this, you're already aware of this, so why do we even try writing a new intro each week. Bear with us, just one more of these to go, and we're off on summer vacay.

Reading list

  • The folks at Twenty Nine do newsletters differently, while cheekily attracting certain clients. As they approach summer, instead of talking about what they've done over the year, they take a look at what they'd like to do instead. But hey, they

Design of the week

  • No way, this is too good. Back To The Future played out as silhouettes in text snippets of quotes from the actual movie. Hey, yeah that's a poor explanation. Suffice to say, take a look at SRT 2 Video and allow yourself a moment of appreciation. Seems like you can upload you own video too!
  • Sara Errlander, photographer in Berlin is just slaying it with this portfolio page. Not only is the content all-that-and-then-some, but the whole experience just works.
  • Figma introduced Dev Mode, focusing on making life even easier for developers to translate designs to code. Check out the full release here.
  • Runway promises to be "The finance platform you don't hate". We don't know about that, but we do like the very factual tool presentation. It's sort of back to basics, but suddenly fresh. We'd tone down the skies though. Lot's of SaaS'es struggle with actual showing their stuff. So, good!

Tech of the week

  • Vercel is on a roll. Skew Protection is a handy feature that solves real-life problems in application deployment. It's basically a timing mechanism to avoid having, say, an updated front end and an old back end.
  • They've also introduced Draft Mode, which makes previewing headless pages more easier.
  • VisionOS SDK is out, so everyone can dabble in Xcode to figure things out. Everyone is curious about the UI, and there are both good and hilarious examples out there. iBeer moments all around.
  • Current.so gives you an AI summary of everything that's happening across platforms in your team.