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Feed weekly August 11, 2023

Looking out over a Øya-ridden office, we did finally manage to convene online, and chug through some links to things we found useful and/or interesting through the week. Help yourselves.

Reading list

  • Every project, every budget, every agenda, sometimes it feels like every minute of every day comes with a set of boundaries and limitations. Luckily, some say, succeeding in creating something great within those parametres might be the most rewarding. And then there's Ive, who continues to impose his own boundaries and limitations, perhaps for the same reason. The reward in the end. But what happens when you even take the whole concept of completion out of the equation? Fast Company takes a look at Jony Ives typeface that has been perfected over four years and that will never be done.
  • cpu.land is a project from Hack Club which is breaking down the very mechanics of what happens when a computer runds code, in the chaptered and digestible "Putting the "you" in CPU".

Design of the week

  • Overjoyed about this ridiculously over designed and blatant mastodon of corporatism, complete with an abundance of blue, sound effects and a high tech visual maze that is Ezramiller.biz.
  • No wait, this is too good to just put out there. Will post what's supposed to be here in exactly the same spot next week, or update the post sometime today once it is approved and clear that it's ready to go. Backspacing isn't allowed in these posts, so sorry that you had to read it. But if you did, just know that there was supposed to be something neat here.
  • And yeah, we are witnessing the first stage of the inevitable implosion that happens when a major company buys something. Very soon, your Slack client will be redesigned, and hoo-freaking-ray. Slack has never been particularly known for good design or UX, so it's understandable that they're overhauling it. You know what, maybe we'll be proven wrong and end up loving the redesign. Rumors has it they're also ditching the Slack moniker and becoming the Everything Platform for Salesforce. More on that later.
  • The Brilliance is a blog by Benjamin Edgar and chuck full of interesting reads on the subjects we discuss here, that has been going since 2005. If you haven't already, make sure you check it out.

Tech of the week

  • Some good news from our own neighbourhood! Værsågod, a reputable web agency, have published a Craft plugin that does cool and useful things with AI.
  • Project IDX, an experiment by Google, is a web-based workspace that enables full-stack multiplatform app dev to the cloud. Read more on it here.