Feed Weekly #211

Feed weekly August 25, 2023

Reading list

  • TikTok is taking on Spotify and Apple Music, and sure why not. Here's an interesting interview with ByteDance Head of Music Business Development to see that it succeeds. The point is how extremely liberalised creative publishing has become, and TikTok will take it even further.
  • Here's how you can make AI work for you at work, courtesy Time. Well colour us bamboozled, as our very own Elements of AI is prominently talked about in there.
  • Creative Commons asks some interesting questions regarding copyright in light of both AI generated, and attempt to answer them too. Questions such as "can CC licenses restrict how people use copyrighted works in AI training?".

Design of the week

  • An often used method to kick start a creative process is to just say something, anything, to spark opinions and iterate the idea into something (hopefully) good. AI thinks it can help out on that part, the just-say-something part, as evident in Jambot, a new Figma plugin to get the idea juices flowing.
  • Point well proven. Set Studio analysed 120 000 data points to illustrate the vast fragmentation of screen sizes and variable breakpoints. Spoiler alert: there is no ideal viewport.

Lord have mercy. It's late and we're two payday beers deep into this inspirational meeting. Braving on.

Tech of the week