Feed Weekly #215

Feed weekly September 22, 2023

Reading list

  • An interesting point of view from Mozilla. The browser wars never ended, and the periodical spearhead are regulatory enforced browser choice screens. But how effective are they, really? All focus has been on having the choice, not on the resulting behaviour. Prepare yourself for a hefty report starting with the five take aways from their research project.
  • HEY! What in the world happened to Neuralink? All the Muskfuzz died out and was overtaken by the whole Twitter farce. The fuzz wasn't everything that died, so did the guinea monkeys. It ain't pretty, and we're getting exhausted by all the Musk-related shit that happens. Wired has the story.

Design of the week

  • Gretel, a branding agency paves the way with this sweet brand and product design project. Tight.
  • Microsoft Paint isn't done yet. Here's what's new.
  • Columns are useful sometimes, as Notan Office shows here.
  • Try the real time collaborative next.js Conf site will you! Currently battling it out with someone in Amsterdam.
  • Sunnei solving how to remain focused on the exact item they're trying to sell.
  • REDO Pristhina is a graphic design and arts festival worth looking into. Nice new page, to boot.

Tech of the week

  • A look at the simple, yet complicated, world of search scoring in Craft. In essence, keywords drown in high word counts, bots can't see the trees for the forest. Issuing a tiny geek alert on this one, but worth the read.
  • Dall-E 3 launched a few days ago, and integrates with ChatGPT so you you can spend even less effort formulating yourself.
  • Clippy is triumphantly back, in the form of the AI assistant Microsoft Copilot.