Feed Weekly #216

Feed weekly September 29, 2023

It's Friday and it's time to browse through our Weekly.

Reading list

  • Check out how the new ChatGPT can both see and hear!
  • Att Stays, the apartment hotel for whom we worked on the branding and website, is in Forbes magazine over the few places to check out in town.

Design of the week

  • Sleak layout for an independent design praxis focusing on objects and furniture. Nice use of scroll and grid creating a good rhythm and hierarchy.
  • Fresh website for design studio Practice Theory, based in Vietnam and Singapore. Looks simple on the surface, but CSS works in mysterious ways. Impressed by the blur effect on the typography, advanced shit!
  • Cytter Datalab is a project that aims to explore how sensors, data filters, and digital processing can be used to perceive and interpret the world from a machine’s perspective.

Tech of the week